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HughesNet Gen5

The new HughesNet is here and ready to transform your Internet experience. HughesNet Gen 5 has reinvented satellite Internet technology by increasing speeds to 25 Mbps, including built-in Wifi and increasing data allowances in every plan. What's more, the new HughesNet is available anywhere, from coast to coast in the U.S!

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HughesNet Gen 5 let's you do all the things you love online faster. Whether you want to perform everyday errands online like banking and shopping, or you want to keep up with friends on social media, the new HughesNet makes it fast, easy, and enjoyable!


Plans Chock Full of New Features!

HughesNet Gen5 offers a plan that will fit your needs no whether you are a light Internet user or demand more from your service. Our new plans include 25 Mbps download speed, data from 10 GB - 50 GB, SmartTechnologies that allow you to maximize your data, and no hard data caps. Get connected and stay connected with HughesNet Get 5. All plans include exciting new features: Built-in Wi-Fi, Video Data Saver, the Bonus Zone and no hard data limits. HughesNet Gen5 is available where you live today, even in areas

HughesNet 4 is now HughesNet 5


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High-Speed Internet from Coast to Coast with HughesNet Gen 5

With the world's highest-capacity broadband satellite, EchoStar XIX, HughesNet Gen 5 is now available to everyone, everywhere in the United States no matter where they live. Whether their home or business is in the country, the mountains, or a valley customers can now enjoy high-speed Internet service.

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